Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Hate That Sunday Night "School The Next Day" Feeling

Picture from Bridge Co. 
So there's no one excluded here, and there's nothing new about this. Everyone does get this feeling, even if you're not a student who goes to school every week and vice versa. This feeling is a joy killer, it makes your merry mood to crash down. It does happen right? People would sometimes wish to have an extended fun just to make the whole moment worth while. It's because all people want stuffs that could make them happy. Happiness is one thing that most people want to feel, but sometimes we over do it and would want for more. This is a perfect sense. 
Nobody hates weekends, everybody loves Saturday and Sunday. Weekends are one's great big escape from busy  and occupied weekdays. But to get Sunday night "school the next day" feeling; one would wish for an extension for a longer rest or just to enjoy the moment out with friends or family. Do you know what a Sunday feeling is? It is the time when you're having a good time the whole day, but you know it will end soon and you have to wake up early the next day and get back to work or to school to face reality.
What's Good About Sunday Night?
I always make it a habit to listen to my favorite radio station every Sunday in Wave 89.1, and the station sure knows how to make my mood calm, nostalgic, and magical. "Sunday's Quiet Storm"  starts at 7pm and ends at 12am every Sunday (obviously). One thing good about this station is that it never had infomercials that is so annoying to deal with, especially when you have set your mood right after a  good song. Simultaneous music plays smoothly, and I love it so much. I started listening to Wave 89.1 since I was in grade school, in grade 6 I think, and until now.
About The Picture
So the picture was tagged to me by Bridge Co. It's nice, the nights seems so calm and wonderful! Thank you Bridge! The setting makes me want to have a good drink while over looking the bright moon, street lights and whatnot. It will be also great to spend that great moment with friends (okay so family too) while talking about fun stuffs or just simply enjoy the good evening together. The feeling will surely stay on your mind even after you wake up the next day, and you'll wake up thinking how nice your night was. Oh! I love that feeling, and I miss it too! 

So I hate that Sunday night "school the next day" feeling, but I won't let it ruin my mood for the moment. It's my moment and I don't like to mind and bother what will or can happen after it, so Sunday Night Feeling, deal with it! 
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